About Me!

I am happiest when writing, or planning a piece with a client, or researching new markets for my services. I like this whole writing business. I get to learn about new things, travel to interesting places, and meet incredible people. I also get to do amazing things – think “drive race cars” and “visit mile-deep coal mines.” Wrestling a sentence into shape or finding the properly nuanced word to describe something gives me great joy. I’m a word nerd for sure.

Throughout my 30+ year writing career, I have won regional and national awards for everything from economic development collateral materials to holiday-themed television commercials. I have edited an annual tourist magazine (again winning awards) and written many video scripts highlighting communities, telling history’s stories, and promoting products.

My clients have always appreciated my unique approach to projects, my ability to “theme” a story or promotional piece, and my skill for naming places, products and companies. I like to push a client a bit because my philosophy is that the difference between good and great is the commitment to think and write fast and furiously first, and edit later.

If I were to choose one reason that you should let me provide content for you, it is that I can take your reader, your client, your customer into the experience. I am a storyteller and can make someone feel what it is like to be in a place. I can help a person envision what it would be like to use your services. I can create a passion for your product.

Let me tell your story.

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Accredited in Public Relations (20+ years); Certified Hospitality Educator